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Indicator4CastNew forecasts values of 12 most popular technical indicators (more)
Index4CastNew forecasts the values of US market indices for several trading days ahead (more)
Stock4Cast forecasts values of prices of stocks listed at NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX  (more)
allows receiving calculated values of "beta" parameter.
provides asset overvaluation / undervaluation estimate.
allows carrying out asset yield forecast based on market portfolio yield.

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About Capital Asset Pricing Model HELP 

 Stock Under Price

A brand new tool exclusively for you. StockUnderPrice provides the ability to determine if the yield of asset is overestimated / underestimated and allows sorting assets by any parameter.

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     List1 Apr 20 2014, 06:37 EST 

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      # Ticker Overestimate/ Underestimate Close Price Daily Close Price Change Daily Volume Close Price Change Mean Daily Volume  
      1 GE             X
      2 MCD             X
      3 IBM             X

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